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Natural stone is a collective name for thousands of different types of stone, found and quarried throughout the world...

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This page has been created to post information that applies to "OUR EMPLOYEES ONLY" and inform them about various topics, which are mainly Project Management & Human Resources related.

Online Request Form

Tell us the size of your project & Complete our Estimate Form.

When we receive the information about your project, we will promptly send you an estimate.   It is good to keep in mind that this is only an estimate and not the exact final cost.  It is common that the first estimate will come back with a few questions from us.  These are questions about the details of the job that may not have been specified.  Getting answers to these will help us narrow down some specifics about the job.  We will work with you through these questions and then generate a new estimate based on the new information.  Throughout this estimate process we will answer any questions that you have about the job or any other part of this process.

1.    Prepare the drawings (see how to do it on Prepare drawings for quote.).

  • Please draw the shape of your project, kitchen, bath, etc.
  • Include the length and width of your countertop and backsplash.
  • Remenber to include islands, backsplashes, bars, etc.

2.    Fax your drawing to us: 604-983-3464  or Call 778-885-9352 
       You can e-mail it to us:

3.    Please complete Online Estimate form: