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Natural stone is a collective name for thousands of different types of stone, found and quarried throughout the world...

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Commercial Products

Wall Cladding...

Looking for stone cladding for indoor or outdoor feature walls or partitions? Then look no further! Atlantis Stone is one of North Shore's leading suppliers of stone cladding.

Whether your looking to clad the front of a bar, a table, a wall or a waterfall, Atlantis Stone can supply and fit granite stone cladding, marble stone cladding or engineered stone cladding to suit your needs.


Architects have for centuries used thin stone panels to clad and line buildings. Today's building technology has liberated cladding from many structural constraints, giving designers greater freedom in the realisation of attractive cladding schemes.
Wall cladding is intended to equip internal or external buildings frontages.

Making a stone cladding means choosing:

  • Quality and durability, as witnessed by the oldest and most prestigious constructions
  • A long term investment
  • Low maintenance.

The required aesthetic shape will be obtained by the choice:

  • of the stone
  • of the finish (rough honed, bush-hammered, brushed, polished, etc.)
  • of the joints (structural and expansion joints, dividing joints, peripheral joints, running joints.)

There are 3 kinds of wall cladding:

  • thin cladding
  • double skin load bearing walls
  • Light weight cladding system

Thin cladding

A thin wall stone cladding is normally composed of up to 3 cm thick panels held in place by fasteners, and is a modern process for an everlasting material.

There are different types of thin cladding:

  • Attached wall cladding with mechanical anchors: this is the most frequently used process for large structures. It enables external thermal insulation, for new construction and for renovation.
  • Attached wall cladding with embedded anchors: a variant of the previous process, which can sometimes be used when the substrate is not concrete.
  • Attached wall cladding with embedded ties: economic traditional process, but incompatible with external thermal insulation.
  • Bonded wall cladding: the thin stone cladding is glued to a concrete substrate using high bond mortar glue.
Double skin load bearing walls

Vertical masonry structure in which the external non-bearing skin or a double wall is made of freestone or quarry stone, and the internal skin is made of brickwork or concrete:

  • the outside skin is supported on every floor or on every two floor if the wall thickness is 8 to 11 cm
  • the wall can span two or more floors if the skin thickness is more than 11 cm.
Light weight panels cladding system

StoneLite® panels are composite wall panels made up of a thin natural stone veneer reinforced with an aluminum honeycomb backing. The stone veneer can be almost any stone including granite, marble, limestone, slate and sandstone.

Stone Panel

StoneLite is a thoroughly tested and code approved lightweight, 3-1/2lbs.per sq.ft. Engineered Lightweight Natural Stone Cladding System which has been installed on buildings throughout the world for close to forty years.

StoneLite offers many advantages over solid heavy dimensional stone

Lower installed cost due to:

  • Reduced structural requirements vs. heavy dimensional stone
  • Installs 5 to 10 times faster than solid surface heavy dimensional stone
  • 80% less weight as compared to dimensional stone
  • 60 times greater impact strength than heavy dimensional stone
  • Withstands hurricane missile impact testing
  • Increased flexibility-withstands seismic racking and shear
  • Impervious to water penetration
  • Available in large sizes up to 5-ft by 10-ft
  • Nearly unlimited choice of stone types
  • Green

StoneLite is well suited for new construction in addition to over cladding/renovation. It is excellent for use as an infill into glazing systems by others as well as open joint design.

StoneLite provides excellent product life cycle value as well as reduced project cost.


Stone cladding is a thin layer of stone or simulated stone applied to a building or other structure made of a material other than stone. Stone cladding is sometimes applied to concrete and steel buildings as part of their original architectural design. natural stone or rock that has been selected and fabricated (i.e., trimmed, cut, drilled, ground, or other) to specific sizes or shapes. Color, texture and pattern, and surface finish of the stone are also normal requirements. Another important selection criterion is durability, the time measure of the ability of dimension stone to endure and to maintain its essential and distinctive characteristics of strength, resistance to decay, and appearance.

Metal devices for securing dimension stone to a structure. Types for stonework include those made of flat stock (strap, cramp, dovetail, dowel, strap and dowel, and two - way anchor) and round stock (rod cramp, rod anchor, eyebolt and dowel, flat-hood wall tie and dowel and wire toggle bolt).


Shop Fitting...

Atlantis Stone is a natural stone supplier and fabricator for the hospitality industry. We supply a variety of finishes for new construction and renovation projects including hotels, casinos, restaurants, night clubs, as well as mixed-use commercial and condo projects. 

We supply, design and manufacture the following:
- granite countertops and vanities
- natural stone walls and floors
- porcelain, glass, metal and stone tile
- mosaics

We performs Marble Polishing & stone restoration, as well as Maintenance services for hotels, commercial accounts and fine residences.

We provide a stone shopfitters service, expertly custom making any furniture you need for your business, laying natural stone on floors and walls and Stone Cleaning & Restoration - Sanitary Services.


Atlantis Stone Ltd undertakes shopfitting and fit-out works and refurbishment for retail premises, restaurants, bars, banks, offices, hotels and other organisations.


Our Shopfitting provides a flexible service, which adapts to meet the conditions on site. All installation staff are fully trained and equipped to ensure that the hand-over of each project is smooth and efficient.


Atlantis Stone Ltd offering free estimates and quotations for our commercial clients.

We understand that customer satisfaction is the key to the success of any firm.
That's why we work hard to ensure that our customers receive a quality of service that continues to build our reputation.


Special Stone Works and Products...

Atlantis Stone Ltd can assist you in beautifying areas of your business with custom specialty applications such as:

  • Fireplace and mantels (foyer, lobby etc.)
  • Staircases (Treads, rises, tresholds, skirtings and dados)
  • Mosaic and Borders and more.
  • Swimming pool surrounds
  • Jacuzzi, Window sill
  • Garden & Patio furniture
  • Other commercial furniture

A fireplace surround will be the focal point of any room. Fireplace
Whether you require a simple limestone surround for a small kitchen hearth, or an imposing stone mantle for a great hall, Atlantis Stone Ltd can reproduce and modify existing designs to accommodate your firebox, or create a unique design to compliment your taste and lifestyle. You submit your ideas with photographs, drawings, or plans to us and we'll offer you a quantified project.
But let's not forget that if the dimension of a fireplace is a question of aesthetics, it must nevertheless be calculated according to several ratios such as:
  • The volume of the chimney
  • The volume of the room
  • And the volume of the fireplace itself.

The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

Other commercial furniture

Custom commercial applications are a specialty of Atlantis Stone Ltd.
Dust Bin



Our experienced staff will work with your designers and construction team to develop specialty fabrications to add drama to foyers, elevators, hallways, bathrooms and other common areas.

We can provide a portfolio of completed projects in the commercial building, hotel and resort industries.

Stone cladding- the perfect design feature

Stone cladding creates vibrant living spaces and beautiful aesthetics. This is where natural stone really makes a design point.

The huge range of colour can be used in any environment. It can be a quiet, beautiful design feature, or a fabulous excursion into colour usage, a collage of colour and form. The universal popularity of stone cladding is no coincidence.

Designers are happy to work with the endless possibilities it provides and home owners love the results. It's also a good way of doing something about bland, dull brickwork, relieving the monotony of brick facings which bore the mind as well as the eyes and need more than a coat of paint.

As external features, stone cladding can do quite literally anything. Getting an external design from the bland and ridiculous to the sublime is a lot easier than many homeowners may imagine. It can liven up an entire building with ease, add features to landscaping, and even decorate basic garden designs like retaining walls. Stone cladding can create a dream home. When you find the stone you want, you'll see why, as well as how.